These Are the Goods


This postseason 84% of Curry’s free throws were swishes

By Ryan Krueger

An investor must experience the highs of success and lows of failure several times before they can exploit these emotions in others.

By Ian Cassel

Risk management means paying insurance premiums all the time, not just when you want to

By Ben Calrson

People get mad about payment for order flow, because nobody writes books about Interest Rate Spreads Are Just Too Darn High.

By Patrick McKenzie

The “smart” money seems to know before a boom is about to occur, but has no predictive power over when things will crash

By Nick Maggiulli

We prefer incorrect models to incomplete models.

By Brendan Mullooly

Investing in stocks can be hazardous to one’s wealth

By Wesley Gray

Everyone finally sold out perfectly at the top.

By Macro Charts

Being less wrong is more important than being more right.

By Corey Hoffstein

Millionaires more often drive a Honda or Toyota than any luxury car brand

By Tadas Viskanta


There’s a reason why things are priced cheap. The market doesn’t want to give value away.

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Jesse Livermore

Wen you allow people to trade it like an equity, it doesn’t matter what the underlying assert is, it will trade in line with stocks.

With Meb Faber and Brandon Zick

Thins really worked more readily than they do now

With AQR and Bill Eckhardt

There’s a very long history of retailers going out of business

With Bethany McLean and Seth Godin


Touchdown was 200 seconds away, and a 25-year-old with a handwritten cheat sheet was giving a thumbs-up to the first Moon landing.

By Charles Fishman