These Are the Goods


Most people don’t buy a set of stocks and hold them for life

By Nick Maggiulli

Musk is a nice guy when you talk to him, but I think he’s full of shit.

By Bethany McLean

Perhaps investor behavior has improved over time and we just haven’t properly measured it 

By Econompic

Unless you’ve seen the estate planning documents and account statements yourself, you probably have no what you’re talking about

By Douglas Boneparth

What’s happening now is a reversion to normalcy. 

By Josh Brown

Even a 70-year-old often has a 15-to-20-year horizon now.

By Jason Zweig

Whatever you’re doing, you better love it. 

By Morgan Housel

Don’t mine for gold where everyone else is mining for gold

By Ramp Capital


The code name inside Amazon was Futurama

With Jason Del Rey

If you want to be a professional, write what other people want to buy

With Brian Koppelman and Ben Mezrich


Gravity doesn’t work because you believe in Isaac Newton

By Ben Mezrich