These Are the Goods


If GM has a market value of $50 billion, it is because it is worth $50 billion, and no amount of new buyers or new sellers would change that

By Drew Dickson

How do you get rich without getting lucky?

By Nick Maggiulli

A certain segment of the crowd is always going to get too greedy and too fearful.

By Ben Carlson

It is an understatement to say that the recent factor moves are rare.  This is the sort of thing that factor geeks wait decades for

By Josh Russell

A strong trend can form in both high and low volatility environments.

By Spring Valley Asset Management

Wealth/Stack was designed to highlight advisor technology, and it did not disappoint

By Blair duQuesnay

Slack is a great product and a great company, and it will shed another 20-50% of its value in the next six months as the Seattle Death Star comes in clearer view.

By Scott Galloway


It doesn’t cost anymore to have a bigger imagination

With Bill Simmons and Sean Penn

If your competitors all have three times the amount of funding you do, you have a problem. 

With Barry Ritholtz and Kara Swisher

We bought into this bullshit notion that we live in an era of innovation. 

With Jason Del Rey and Scott Galloway


Good ideas are important, but venture capital is all about making the right bet on the right person at the right time. 

By Mike Isaac