These Are the Goods


Short the market for advice, and I think you’ll get burned.

By Rusty Guinn

If you wake up on a Casper mattress, hail a Lyft to get to your desk at WeWork, use DoorDash to order lunch to the office, hail another Lyft home, and have Uber Eats bring you dinner, you have spent your entire day interacting with companies that will collectively lose nearly $13 billion this year.

By Derek Thompson

We keep striving to get better at getting better.

By Barry Ritholtz

Knowing what you own is hard. Not knowing what you own is dangerous.

By Alec Litowitz and Brian Portnoy

Something that never happened in 120 years of market history happened twice in a span of 15 years.

By Jack Forehand

I’m sure I’m right; so are they.

By Morgan Housel 


Nick wore my ass out. 

With Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles, and Kobe Bryant


A man who is willing to die at the wheel is always likely to beat a man in a faster car- if he can survive until the end of the race

By A.J Baime