These Are the Goods


People on both sides of the aisle are increasingly coming to realize that fiscal policy is the “cheat code” of economics (By Jesse Livermore)

Another century of data doesn’t guarantee future investors will be smarter (By Adam Collins)

These events appear to be occurring with greater frequency, not less (By Corey Hoffstein)

The deal was good for one day only. We signed up. (By Richard Connor)

The Psychology of Money is able to explain the complex landscape of behavioral finance in a clear, entertaining way (By Nick Maggiulli)

You need to swallow this pill every morning and sometimes in the evening (By Josh Brown

There is inequality everywhere you look during the pandemic and the ability to work remotely illustrates this perfectly (By Ben Carlson)


Nothing’s changed in 100 years of selling cars (By This American Life)

Will this company be bigger and better? (With Barry Ritholtz and Will Danoff)


Harry Truman needed a drink (By Chris Wallace)