These Are the Goods


By the mid 1990s, the cost of stock trading was ten times higher for retail investors than it was for institutions. (By Marc Rubinstein)

The market is incredibly efficient at creating supply seemingly out of thin air to meet demand (By John Street Capital)

The best time to start a business is on the heels of a recession (By Scott Galloway)

Bitcoin is digital money. Ethereum is a platform on top of which builders can create anything, from apps to entire organizations. (By Packy McCormick)

Bitcoin’s great utility to investors is not as some kind of fiat hedge; it’s as the purest sentiment gauge in history (By Oliver Renick)

An idea that’s obvious but overlooked is that investors on the same field play different games. (By Morgan Housel)

It seems hard to believe, but we just lived through the stock market equivalent of Halley’s comet. (By Nick Maggiulli)

Not as much fun being a stock market celebrity when the momentum switches. (By Josh Brown)

Nearly 40% of households in the United States earn less than $50k a year (By Ben Carlson)


Money will become digital precisely because it gives the government more power (With Ted Seides and Eric Peters)

A really simple way to define NFTs is as a file or a file type that lives on the blockchain(With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Jesse Walden)


Hello, this is Mark, from Facebook (By Cade Metz)