These Are the Goods


Attention is scarce and it is in high demand. (By Cobie)

It is difficult to overstate how big an innovation this is. (By Albert Wenger)

Is it better to be overpaid or underpaid? (By Jared Dillian)

Growth is unpredictable (By Frederick Gieschen)

There are more high net worth individuals writing more checks into more tech startups in more countries than ever before (By Balaji Srinivisan)

In 99% of cases the person buying on the secondary market is the loser. (By Cobie)

What makes one idea more powerful than another is rarely entirely random. (By Tom Morgan)

Making predictions is a shitty business (By Scott Galloway)

You have to take a leap of faith (By Ben Carlson)



We try to invest in every credible deal (With Meb Faber and Peter Livingston)

It’s like the comet is coming to earth and nobody cares (With Sean Fennessey and Adam McKay)

I don’t think Twitter should’ve existed (With Kevin Rose and Alexis Ohanian)

How would you define protocol versus product (With Eric Golden and Brantley.eth)