These Are the Goods


Companies are highly incentivized to participate in the political process (By Kai Wu)

As money became more expensive and the cycle turned, their nakedness was exposed for all to see. (By Arthur Hayes)

Seven years of gains, erased in 10 months. (By Scott Galloway)

Focusing on what’s never going to change is more important than trying to anticipate how something might change. (By Morgan Housel)

A free-for-all is not free for all. (By Kyla Scanlon)

Elon is not the problem. The problem is that human beings were not meant to interact with hundreds of millions of other human beings from around the world each day. (By Josh Brown)

Contrary to popular opinion pondering death enriches life. (By Tony Isola)

There will be an AI amplifying tool for every major profession within five years. (By Mario Gabriele)

The most important skill in finance is really a combination of complementary skills. (By Ben Carlson)

Do the wealthy invest differently from everybody else? (By Nick Maggiulli)


And then the crash happened (With Howard Lindzon, Sami Issa, and Maggie Love)