Animal Spirits Talk Your Book: The Man Who Solved the Markets

“I don’t know why planets orbit the sun,” Simons told a colleague, suggesting one needn’t spend too much time figuring out why the market’s patterns existed. “That doesn’t mean I can’t predict them.” On today’s show we discuss: –The Man Who Solved the Market -Medallion’s OddStats -How Simons built the greatest money making machine of…

So Many Losers

We know why cap-weighted indexes work, but there is another way to look at the data used to support this idea.

Animal Spirits: CEO Departures

On this week’s show we discuss company performance after a CEO leaves, never-ending finance arguments, what would happen if we banned buybacks, Elizabeth Warren’s plans to break-up big corporations, Tesla as a sentiment barometer, why China matters more to Hollywood than the US, the glut of realtors and much more.