Animal Spirits: Physical Delivery

On today’s show we discuss:

-What happened to the oil market?
-Why are so many investors buying the dip?
-Big banks are getting bigger
-The death of department stores, and much more

Animal Spirits: Free Oil

On today’s show we discuss:

-Why Ben is calling this a depression
-Did Munger and Buffett lose their fastball?
-Positive externalities of R&D
-The NASDAQ versus the world, and much more

It’s a Stock Picker’s Market

It’s hard to distinguish yourself from the crowd when everything is moving in unison. For stock pickers, 2020 is not one of those years. Through the end of the first quarter, we have seen the biggest dispersion of returns for the stock market since 2009. In theory, this should provide an opportunity for those with…

Shades of the Dotcom Bubble

The last few weeks have been the craziest period for tech stocks relative to small stocks since the dotcom bubble. The chart below shows the average difference in daily returns over rolling 35 day periods. I know that was a mouthful, but what this simply means is that over the last 35 days, the average…