These Are the Goods


The difference between the perfect idiot and the man with perfect foresight

By Drew Dickson

Greed is expecting back more than you deserve given what you put in

By Morgan Housel

There is almost always another side

By Jack Forehand

Their performance was not related to their underlying holdings

By John Rekenthaler

For that alone, the bet was worth the price of admission.

By Ted Seides

There is room for everyone to be right

By Josh Brown

74% of retirement success had to do with one thing: savings rate

By Nick Maggiulli

Life is unfair

By Blair duQuesnay

Life comes with both predictable and unpredictable expenses

By Ben Carlson

If you can find discounted stocks with strengthening fundamentals, you usually have a solid cocktail for a good investment

By Ehren Stanhope


People who do this shit go to jail

With Rachel Maddow

Gave the country a little socialism to avoid them demanding a lot.

With Dan Carlin

The media is mostly constructed stories

With Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman


The U.S. has lost, or at least failed to win, four of the five major wars it has entered since World War II.

By Graham Allison