October 2019

Animal Spirits: The Undies Indicator

On today’s show we discuss

-How underwear can predict recessions
-How much studios are spending on content
-The NBA and China Debacle
-How long millennials plan on working, and much more

Look Away

GMO’s most recent 7-year forecast does not paint an especially pretty picture for stocks or for bonds.

Animal Spirits Re-Kindled: Malcolm Gladwell

On today’s show, we discuss:

-Malcolm Gladwell blow back
-From his first two books, what aged the best and what aged the worst?
-Favorite quotes, studies, and anecdotes?
-Today’s Tipping Points, and much more

Tell Me What You See

The Dow opened the 20th century trading at 68. It closed at 11,497, a 16,875% increase, which explodes to 1.8 million percent with dividends. But of course nobody got these returns, and the ones that achieved even a fraction of them had to endure unthinkable pain along the way. Consider that: The low in 1932…

Animal Spirits: Winners of the Financial Crisis

On this week’s show we discuss how private equity came out so well from the financial crisis, what’s changed in the private tech markets, algos controlling trading, how allowance to give your kids, why anecdotes don’t tell the story about the economy, why Fidelity is the Microsoft of the asset management industry and more.